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Pix is a Whatsapp image picker replica. with this, you can integrate an image picker just like WhatsApp.

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Pix (WhatsApp Style Image and Video Picker)

Pix is a WhatsApp image picker replica. with this you can integrate a image picker just like WhatsApp. Codacy Badge Pix Image Picker xscode

New in PixImagePicker

  1. Androidx Camera API integration
  2. Scoped storage to support Android Version 30
  3. Minimum SDK from 19 to 21
  4. Migration from Java to Kotlin
  5. Ability to use it as a Fragment
  6. Re-structuring from scratch



set configuration as

    val options = Options().apply{
        ratio = Ratio.RATIO_AUTO                                    //Image/video capture ratio
        count = 1                                                   //Number of images to restrict selection count
        spanCount = 4                                               //Number for columns in grid
        path = "Pix/Camera"                                         //Custom Path For media Storage
        isFrontFacing = false                                       //Front Facing camera on start
        videoDurationLimitInSeconds = 10                            //Duration for video recording
        mode = Mode.All                                             //Option to select only pictures or videos or both
        flash = Flash.Auto                                          //Option to select flash type
        preSelectedUrls = ArrayList<Uri>()                          //Pre selected Image Urls

Ratio can be


Mode to to select the media type can be as

  All, Picture, Video

Then pass this config to the pix fragment either via

     addPixToActivity(, options) {
          when (it.status) {
              PixEventCallback.Status.SUCCESS -> //use results as
              PixEventCallback.Status.BACK_PRESSED -> // back pressed called

or plain fragment can be retrieved via

private val pixFragment = pixFragment(options)

The results can be retrieved via the constructor callback from the fragment

        when (it.status) {
            PixEventCallback.Status.SUCCESS -> //use results as
            PixEventCallback.Status.BACK_PRESSED -> // back pressed called

Or can be retrieved by anywhere in the Application from the state flow eventbus

    PixBus.results {
        when (it.status) {
             PixEventCallback.Status.SUCCESS ->  //use results as
             PixEventCallback.Status.BACK_PRESSED -> // back pressed called

For detailed usage kindly refer to the below samples



include these items in colors.xml with custom color codes

    <color name="video_counter_color_pix">#E53935</color>
    <color name="primary_color_pix">#075e54</color>
    <color name="primary_light_color_pix">#80075e54</color>
    <color name="surface_color_pix">#ffffff</color>
    <color name="text_color_pix">#807f7f</color>

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Download or grab via Gradle:

include in app level build.gradle

 repositories {
 implementation  'io.ak1.pix:piximagepicker:1.6.2'

or Maven:


or ivy:

<dependency org='io.ak1.pix' name='piximagepicker' rev='1.6.2'>
  <artifact name='pix' ext='pom' ></artifact>

Find docs for old versions in wiki 1.5.6 and 1.2.5


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, click here for the full license.

Author & support

This project was created by Akshay Sharma.

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